CARBOCRYPTE Carbocrypte.
MATRICE Metamorphic Matrix.
Story of the image

"MeKaDoll" , who belong to the artist group Alien-Nation (cyberpunk, fetish, tribal art, body modifications), was tattoo and scarify during a public performance in Paris during one of the famous fetishist evening "Psychopathia Sexualis".
On this occasion, several artists have created original images around the theme : Before and after.
Jonathan Abbou, Axel, Gilles Berquet, Alexandre Dupouy, Fredox, Gnöme, D.GRRR, Jacques-Elie, Eric Keller, Kiki, Mirka Lugosi, Christophe Luxereau, Yann Minh, Nadia, Post, Elisabeth Prouvost, Reed O13.

Here are my two images. Carbocrypt is the first computer graphic, before the scarifications and tattoos.

Metamorphic Matrix, is the second computer graphic, after scarifications and tattos.
The whole of the artists works done around this performance were exposed to the gallery : Les larmes d'Eros. (The tears of Eros) during two months after the 18 December 2000.
Integration of a 24/36 cm Photo in a computer graphic Background.
IIllustration for the second volume of my SF novel Les Récifs: Cité.
Actor : MeKaDoll.
Le tirage numérique haute définition, au format 50/50 cm est disponible à la galerie "les larmes d'eros" : 58, rue Amelot.75011. Paris. 01 43 38 33 43.
Done with the 3D computer graphic soft: Cinema 4D de Maxon
distributed in France by

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